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Infimerx Private Limited

Our Principles

Compliance with the Law and Human Rights

  • Our Behaviour Infimerx upholds the highest standards in running its businesses. The company supports the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and respects all applicable laws and regulations
  • Infimerx employees are expected to demonstrate integrity and always abide by applicable laws and regulations.


Respect for People

  • Our Behaviour Respect for each individual shall guide us at our workplace and when dealing with clients and other business partners. Infimerx employees shall understand their personal responsibility in respecting other's rights and dignity, cultures and opinions.
  • Each employee has the right to work under safe and healthy conditions. At Infimerx we are committed to ensure the required workplace conditions are always met. Our safety policy extends to all employees and to our partners.
  • Infimerx employees are expected to contribute to this objective as well as we believe that care for quality, health and safety cannot be delegated and is everyone's responsibility,
  • Infimerx offers equal opportunities for recognition and career advancement to its staff, whatever their origin, gender, culture, belief or physical condition. The company does not tolerate any harassment and any form of discrimination whether based on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, political belief or any other dimension.


Commitment to Performance

  • Our Behaviour Infimerx aims to continuously create value for its stakeholders and to achieve profitable growth in the longer term.
  • We look for employees with self-drive, an excellent sense for high quality and responsible business conduct. Infimerx's staff shall be recognized based on their performance and their contribution to Infimerx's success.


Loyalty Towards Infimerx

Our Behaviour we put the interests of Infimerx First and make a clear distinction between the interests of Infimerx and our private interests. We avoid possible conflicts of interest such as the representation of Infimerx in any business dealing with ourselves or people close to us. In the event of doubt, we disclose such circumstances to the company. We abstain from improperly pushing for the promotion or employment of relatives and/or personal friends.


Care for the Environment

  • Our Behaviour in providing mission-critical services and high-quality products to the global importexport industry, both in international and Domestic Industries, Infimerx is committed to high
  • Our Behaviour at Infimerx, business and ecology go hand in hand. While we pursue a highperformance service delivery, we are committed to protect the environment and to help preserve natural resources in our business operations.
  • We are committed to deploy new, more sustainable equipment and technologies, and to continuously enhance our processes to reduce our environmental footprint. It is the duty of each employee to contribute to the efforts and commitments of Infimerx.


Responsibility Towards Society

  • Ethical and social standards in its dealings.
  • To ensure we keep to these standards, we comply with applicable local, national and international laws and regulations and work closely and trustingly with all relevant stakeholders, with customers, partners and authorities.

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